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About the course


This course is designed for students interested in music production.

It is based on an acquaintance with modern music technologies, the basics of sound directing and music creation.

As you study, you will not only gain practical knowledge of the possibilities of making music, but you will also learn how to make music and operate digital and technical equipment for making music.


At the first level, students will become familiar with the theory and technical creative processes of music creation using software Ableton and Cubase.

You will get acquainted with:

  • The history of music production

You will learn:

  • Basics of music production software
  • Fundamentals of song structure and music theory
  • Basics of music production hardware


At this level, students will delve into the technical and creative process of making music, learning to work with the rhythm machines and samplers Akai MPC 2000 XL, MPC X, and software Ableton, Cubase. And the acquired theoretical knowledge will be consolidated in practice by creating one or more beats.

You will get acquainted with:

  • Music theory
  • Music genres

You will learn:

  • MPC 2000 XL, MPC X basics
  • Ableton, Cubase basics
  • Sampling and editing


At this level, students will not only have the opportunity to work with the latest hardware and software (Ableton, Cubase, AKAI, Pioneer, UA), but will also delve into the intricacies of music arrangement and production, learn to mix tracks.

You will learn:

  • Methods of software adaptation and use
  • Use MIDI controller and VST instruments
  • Sound recording
  • Mixing


8 hours

4 lessons

Pro teachers

Pro equipment


uses the latest equipment

Course Teacher


20 years of experience

Frequently asked questions

On our page, select the desired learning program, register and pay electronically through the bank of your choice. After registration, we will coordinate the lesson schedule with the teacher.

The lectures will be held in a group consisting of three students after purchasing one of the following learning programs: "Basic", "Advanced". If you want to study alone buy the "Individual Session", "DJ/Producer", "Music Production" course and then the lecturer will work individually only with you.

On weekdays, we are open from 10 am to 5 pm.

If you don't know where to start learning or are not sure which learning program best suits your needs, contact the DJ Academy. We will evaluate your already existing skills, help you find out your needs and advise you on how best to realize your potential.

Yes. If you choose the Individual Session course, the lecturer will only work with you during the lecture.

The DJ Academy has three workstations for students. Each workplace is made up of a mixer, individual monitoring and a common set of speakers, two players with plates and needles.

Lesson duration 2 hours. Group lessons will take place 4 times a month at a pre-arranged time. It will be possible to combine individual lectures with the lecturer and choose a convenient time for both.

You need to bring your laptop and headphones to the lectures.

Yes. You will be able to use and play your chosen music during the lecture.


Only 55 € meeting

Total 220 €


Course for beginners and advanced

Only 55 € meeting

Total 220 €

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